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I made the Magazine!!

Dog Fancy did an article on Rottweilers for the September edition and I was interviewed for it.  Go check it out at Dog Fancy!  They did an outstanding job considering she interviewed me on the run from dog show to dog show.  Thank you to Dog Fancy for making the Rottweiler shine...













New FCI International Champion!

"Last year I took Lucia to her first FCI show in San Juan, Puerto Rico. That weekend she earned her PR CH, Pan Am CH, Latin Am CH and 4 CACIB'S towards her FCI International CH. Since she earned all 4 CACIB's at that show we had to wait 366 days or longer (an FCI rule) to get her final CACIB to finish her Int CH.

   This weekend we flew down to San Jose, Costa Rica to try our luck at completing her Int CH. There were 4 shows scheduled for the weekend. An International and National show each day. Even though Lucia is already an FCI CH, Costa Rican rules state that a dog without a Cost Rican CH must be entered in the Open Class. I was not thrilled about that but it was too late to back out. There were other females in her class. Each dog entered the ring seperately doing their once around the ring. We were the last to enter the ring. As we came around to the other dogs I turned Lucia around into a free stack which she did perfectly! The Judge saw this and could not his eyes off of her. As each dog was doing their down & back the Judge kept staring at Lucia in her free stack. The Judge then had all of us do several laps around the ring. He then stopped us to line up again. The Judge moved us to First place which gave us V1, CACCR, CACPB, CACIB, CACLAB, and Reserve Best of Breed. With Lucia earning a CACCR that moved her into the CH's Class the following day. Also that CACIB completes her FCI Int CH (pending FCI approval). Show number 2 Lucia earned V2 in the Open Class.
    In show number 1 of the 2nd day Lucia got V1 and the point she needed a CAGCCR to make her a Grand Costa Rican CH! During show number 2 she again went V1 in the Champions Class with a CAGCCR and a UNCACEN. A UNCACEN counts towards a Central American CH. Since she only earned 1 UNCACEN this weekend we may go to another FCI sometime in the future.
    I saw a few friends at the show and made some new ones. Everybody that saw Lucia loved her! What a great weekend for her: Costa Rican CH, Grand Costa Rican CH and the best one of all FCI INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


Multi V-1 World CH, FCI International CH, American CH, PR CH, Grand PR CH, Latin American CH, Pan Am CH, Venezuelan CH, Bahamian CH, UCI National, International, Ehren Gold CH, UKC CH, USRC 2005 SE Regional Best Male Puppy , 5 X CACIB, 18 X CAC
A'Damien vom Drakkenfels
SchH I, BH, BST, CDX, AD, RE, CS Team, CI, TT, CGC
HIT Carting, ARC Versatility Award, USRC Bronze and Silver Merit Award, 2009 ARC Top 10 Performance Award: Carting, 2010 ARC Top 10 Performance Award: Obedience       
Multi V-1 Swedish CH, UCI National & International CH, 3 X CAC, CACIB

Hodeva Agazi
TJH, BH, MH, CD, RN, TT, CGC, Korad

UKC Best in Show Ch., Multi V1, UCI Nat & Int CH, FCI Int Ch., PR CH, Pan American CH, Latin Am CH,  4 X CACIB, 12 CAC
Lucia vom Drakkenfels

UKC Show in Lakeland


Congrats to Kevin Borkenhagen on his boy King vom Drakkenfels gaining his UKC Championship in style with a Best in Show!!!  Now its time for AKC.

AND he completed his UCI Int.Championship in Orlando with 2 Group 1 wins!


UCI Int.Ch., UKC Ch. King vom Drakkenfels, CGC





Greater Orange Park Kennel Club

This show weekend was I think one of the most successful weekends for the dogs and owners. Many congrats to all my owners and co-breeder Nancy Newton for all your hard work and effort in training and showing.  Without all of you the successes we are having would not be possible.  Elkton was a super time for us all right down to the fishing trip that Sue took us on...woo! Now onto our brags!!

From left to right Best of Winners-Jernan's Back in Action "Gunner" with his sister "Missy" for Winners Bitch, and Best of Breed was Lothar vom Drakkenfels who all are from my girl Bea Elez Rott.  Thank you Bea!  You get an EXTRA large steak dinner tonight.  Also not to be left out for the wins over the weekend were Kaiya vom Drakkenfels taking Winners Bitch for more points! Go Kaiya go!

Kaiya and Lothar vom Drakkenfels with Judges Anne Arrigoni and Dawn Hansen


Note From Quinn:

   I hope you are all having a great weekend. In 2009 I started training Damien in carting. He was such a fast learner that he got ranked #2 in Carting Started and Carting Started Team in ARC's Top 10 for Carting. Well Damien has done it again getting ranked in ARC's Top 10, not in Carting but this time in Obedience for 2010. I won't find out what placement he will get until ARC Nationals but I am very happy for him to accomplish this. Maybe next year he can get ranked in another category.

Heartland Dog Club

    The weekend of April 23-24 I had Damien and Lucia entered in an AKC show in Zolfo Springs. I started showing Damien in AKC shows back in 2005. During that time he earned points towards his CH but we stopped a long the way to concentrate on other venues. Such as UKC, Canada, Bahamas and FCI conformation shows. After completing his FCI International CH I decided to prepare him for his SchH I. I continued to show Damien in AKC shows earning more points but still needing his final major. We made it to the Winners round several times but the Judge didn't see it our way until April 23rd. That day the sun was shinning, the birds were singing and the Judge awarded Damien his final major for his to earn his American CH!  The following weekend Damien turned 7 so what an amazing Birthday present for him to finish his AKC CH!

Multi V-1 World CH, FCI International CH, American CH, PR CH, Grand PR CH, Latin American CH, Pan Am CH, Venezuelan CH, Bahamian CH, UCI National, International, Ehren Gold CH, UKC CH, USRC 2005 SE Regional Best Male Puppy , 5 X CACIB, 18 X CAC
A'Damien vom Drakkenfels
SchH I, BH, BST, CDX, AD, RE, CS Team, CI, TT, CGC
HIT Carting, ARC Versatility Award, 2009 ARC Top 10 Performance Award, USRC Bronze and Silver Merit Award

Quinn Webb


Thank you to EVERYONE that made this day special for Quinn and for Damien, words will never express how grateful I am to you.  As his breeder I can tell you that Quinn put his heart into Damien and Damien gave all he has in his heart to get all the titles he has accomplished.  Thank you again Quinn for being such a wonderful owner.  Congrats to Nancy and Jerry Newton for winning yet again with Gunner for more points and a Best of Winners!


Not to be left out of the brags was my girl Krista vom Drakkenfels who also did a bit of her own winning by taking her first Major!

UCI Reserve Best in Show Int.Ch., AKC Major ptd, Krista vom Drakkenfels, CGC with Judge Robert Vandiver


Sunday, March 13, 2011 5:11 PM

Lucia and Quinn have done it again! Today she got her 3rd qualifying leg for her Rally Novice. Now its on to Rally Advanced, CD, & BH!


Best in Show, Multi V1, UCI Nat & Int CH, FCI PR CH, Pan American CH, Latin Am CH, UKC CH, 4 X CACIB, 12 CAC
Lucia vom Drakkenfels


AIRK National Sieger Show 2011

What a wonderful show for us this year..a special Thank you to all the owners who showed up with my grandchildren in tow to take part in this event.  I would like to also thank the owners of the dogs I show for giving me extra support during this event and allowing me to show such wonderful dogs. 

Congrats to the following dogs and thier owners:







North Carolina Tar Heel Cluster







Thank you again to the SARK team for putting on a great show as they always do each year and to Judge Josef Hedl who is always a teacher for us in the ring.   I was very very happy to have the chance to present 2 new up and coming dogs for this show, Avril and Leo owned by Pam Brown of Radio Ranch Rottweilers.  Leo was V2 rated and Avril was V1 and SARK 2011 Youth Siegerin!  I also present young "Rain" Ketelhaus' Under My Umbrella in the 9-12 puppy Class for Susan Lynch of Ketelhaus Rottweilers, who won Best Puppy Female!  The vom Drakkenfels children did very good for their owners this year taking many V ratings and placements.  Congrats to Eve Johnson on Djuke winning Sieger!! WTG old man...enjoy your retirement.



SARK/AIRK 2011 Youth Siegerin, Avril Vom Hause Fritz

VP2 Turbo Vom Drakkenfels 4-6 Owned by Lynn Murdocca

V4 Quake Vom Drakkenfels 12-18 Owned by Danny McGuire

V5 Quantico vom Drakkenfels 12-18 Owned by nancy and Jerry Newton

Some others shown by our team were there as well...its always a pleasure to bring Great dogs to a show.

V1 CH Sony-Boy Von Der Krischenplatz owned and handled by Danny McGuire
V2 CH Moro Timit Tor owned by Jose Menendez

V1 Erasmus Anguinus owned by Jose Menendez

V2 Bella Vom Neunkircher Schloss owned by Jose Menendez




Lakeland/Winter Haven KC

It was good to be at a Local show and the dogs did very well.  Kaiya took her first 2 pts and Lothar added another Select to his wins. Nancy and Sassy were given Best Bred By with a Group 3 with her brother Chance taking Best of Winners and then the following day Sassy was Best of Opposite sex and her brother Gunner was Best of Winners for the points for 2 straight days!!  Nancy was right...the breeding with Bea and Ace was a very nice one...these pups are well on their way to finishing their Championships.


Nancy proceeded to take Sassy and the kids to the Speciality in Tallahassee hosted by Seminole Rottweiler Club where she did very well and won Reserve Winners Bitch and  Best Bred By in Show!  Congrats Nancy!


Florida January Circuit

This years January Circuit was one to remember for all the of the dogs from the dragon team.  It was a long and tough circuit but the dogs all proved themselves good enough to stand for their owners even in the hardest of competitions.  I want to personally Thank Nancy Newton and her husband Jerry for being such good friends and giving supporting hands.  Most of all I want to congratulate them on the success they experienced on this years circuit with the litter they co-bred with me from their champion "Ace" and my girl Bea Elez Rott.  Nancy you do one hell of a job training a Rottweiler and it shows every time you walk in the ring.


Instead of going into all the details of the shows...here are the highlights:


UCI Int. Ch. Krista vom Drakkenfels, CGC winning Winners Bitch for 2 pts from Judge Carlos Rojas


UCI Int. Ch, UKC Ch., Can.Ch, Am.GCH. Lothar vom Drakkenfels, CGC, TT, HT wins Select from Judge White

Multi BoB Ch Mytique's Cuppa Joe wins his first Group Placement owned by Lydian and Jim Stephens

UCI Int. Ch. UKC Ch. Jazz vom Drakkenfels,HT, CGC goes Winners for 4 pts

Jernan's Sassy Lady takes winners for a 4 pt Maj co-bred with Nancy and Jerry Newton

King vom Drakkenfels wins Reserve to 4pts under Judge Dr. Robert Smith


Jan 29-30, 2011 Greater Ocala DFA

UKC Ch. Kaiya vom Drakkenfels, CGC, TT, HT wins RWB

UCI Int., UKC Ch. Am.Ch. Jarci vom Drakkenfels, TT, CGC, HT Best of Opposite, New Champion

Jernan's Back in Action "Gunner"  Best of Winners for a Maj under Judge Ruth Zimmerman co-bred with Nancy and Jerry Newton

And "Maverick" who is owned by Lydia and Jim Stephens of Naples won Best of Breed to complete his Grand Championship